I write about all things curious, environmental, and delicious. As someone who’s interested in a little bit of everything, I’ve written about my weird relationship with coffeeamazing students, moving across the countrycooking and adulthoodfood and travel, and more. I especially love food, travel, and the environment. I learned the art of being engaging in 140 characters and standing out among a sea of Facebook posts through Brown is Green’s social media, running the pages from June 2015-May 2016. Furthering my love of chocolate (and writing), I currently help edit and post content for the Hawai’i Chocolate and Cacao Association website.

During the workday, you can find me writing, editing, and crafting  blog and social media posts in my role as a communications coordinator in the CEO’s office at The Nature Conservancy. I’m honing my skills in marketing, philanthropy, speech, and blog writing to tell our story and inspire action for the future of our planet.

Other places you can find my writing:
The Brown Daily Herald
Post- Magazine
Providence Media
The Brown Market Shares Program Blog

Also, read about my adventures in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2014.